AGP DM 160 Diamond Core Drill

AGP DM 160 Diamond Core Drill


DM160 3 SPEED Wet+Dry Hand-Held or Rig-Mounted Drilling Motor

The DM160 is built as a heavy duty wet or dry diamond core drill. The versatile configurations is perfect for drilling various sizes of holes just in one machine. It is easily converted from wet to dry by removing water seal mounted at the front of the gear box. The 3 speed gear box provides the ideal cutting speed and maximum torque. The slip clutch and electronic overload protection provide safe and hassle free drilling.


▪ Dual Function- Wet + Dry
You have the choice of wet drilling with quick release water hose coupling or dry drilling with through-the-spindle dust extraction.

▪ Advanced Motor Control & Protection
Smart electronic motor control includes soft start and overload protection.

▪ Variable Speed Thumb Wheel
The built-in variable speed thumb wheel lets operator control suitable speed at different conditions.

▪ Two In One Spindle & Anti-Seize Ring
Two-in-one spindle offers both 1-1/4″ UNC and 1/2″ BSP and a built-in Anti-Seize Ring to prevent core bits from getting stuck on spindle.

▪ Maximum Safety Standard
PRCD / GFCI interrupter is included for electrical safety.

▪ Water Collector
Optional water collector is availble for purchase if you need to drill in a dry environment.

Model DM160
Power Input 110-120V:1700W, 220-240V:2000W
Voltage 110-120V~ 50-60Hz, 220-240V~ 50-60Hz
No Load Min-1 Speed 1 400-850
Speed 2 750-1640
Speed 3 1550-3450
Capacity Hand-Held 80mm(3″)
Rig-Mounted 200mm (8″)
Spindle Thread 1-1/4” UNC male & 1/2” BSP female
Neck Diameter 60mm
Soft Start & Overload Protection With
Protection Class Class I with PRCD / GFCI
Dimensions(LxWxH) 552mm x 110mm x 150mm
Net Weight 6.0 kg ( 13.2 Lbs )